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Homemade recipes

Christa Riekert, Advisory Nutritionist

Want some ideas for nutritionally balanced meals you can make yourself? These delicious recipes have been created specially by our baby nutritionists to help you give your baby a balanced diet tailored to their stage of development. Try them out for yourself and don’t forget that if you need any advice on feeding your baby, you can always get in touch with us!

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Homemade recipes for every stage of your baby’s development

We’ve grouped the recipes into stages, and by mealtime, from breakfast through to dessert, to help you plan balanced meals – whatever stage your baby’s at. Or why not try using our meal planner to help get some variety as well as nutrition into your baby’s diet?

Stage 4: 12+ months

From 12 months old your baby will be eating more family meals, though a little modification of textures and flavours may still be needed.

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