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Pregnancy calendar - week 35

Deborah Sue, Advisory Service Manager

Around about now, lots of mums start feeling a bit low and heavy and - more often than not - as if they could bite someone’s head off! It’s all thanks to those hormones of course, but if your pregnancy emotional ups and downs have returned with a vengeance, get it off your chest by calling us, remember, we’re here to help!

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Your baby’s development

Your baby is now responding to light, sound and pain and is now filling almost the entire space in the womb. As baby grows, the volume of amniotic fluid shrinks.

With just a few weeks to go, your baby’s intestines are starting to fill with a dark greenish substance called meconium, which is made of waste from the liver and bowel that has accumulated over the past months of growth. It will be in the first nappies you have to change, but on occasion a baby may pass this into the amniotic fluid before or during labour, but your health care professional will keep an eye on that for you.

Did you know?

At this stage, your baby can now blink and their pupils can begin to regulate the amount of light entering their eyes. Your baby may even be able to notice light shining onto your tummy, and turn their head towards it. Get a torch and try it out!

You & your body

You are probably feeling tired and heavy by now, and the emotional changes that you experienced earlier in your pregnancy may have returned – making you feel irritable. Your dreams may also be vivid as your mind adapts to your upcoming life change. To help, try doing something fun to take your mind off your worries and give yourself a mood boost. Alternatively, talking through things with someone who cares for you can really help too.

Meanwhile, colostrum may be leaking from your breasts (this can range from clear and watery to yellow/orange and thick and sticky). This is normal as it is the first milk you will produce in the first few days after the birth, and your breasts are getting ready.It’s extremely rich in nutrients and compounds that are especially vital for new baby’s immune system. Meanwhile, inside your womb, the placenta has reached maturity. When your baby is born the placenta will be about one sixth of their weight.

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The Kariclub Careline lets you chat privately with an experienced mum, dietitian or midwife here to help you put your mind at rest on your journey from pregnancy to being a mum. It's completely free, and no question is too big or small! Call us on 1800 258 268, email us, or use LiveChat to connect with our friendly team today.